Technical Staffing

Many companies are finding that one critical way to increase return on investment (ROI) is to expand their team in ways that increase development quality and output. We are experts in offshore staffing. We have been involved in the concept for many years and have established many best practice guidelines to ensure success with your offshore operation. Many hesitations reside in the worry of language barrier, time zones, and quality assurance: don’t worry about those things with our team. Our full service staffing relationship is all in-house. We do not forward you on or resell from another company. All of our staff abroad maintain and put forth the same quality mindset that our on-shore developers do. We have cracked the recipe for creating a top quality team even thousands of miles away. Start leveraging around the clock development strategy and increase your development output immediately using our staffing services. Start working with a USA based project manager today and we will handle the management for you.

Mobile Application Development

In the rapidly growing space of mobile apps, everybody wants to be in the App Store. Whether you want to build the next top business app or the next social media network, we can provide end to end solutions for you. There are many components that many are unaware of when it comes to mobile development. Questions we get often are: “How does an App store user data safely?” or “What are the requirements to submit an application to the public store?” and “How does an application upload data to the cloud?”… All of these questions require an advanced level of understanding and experience to fulfill. Our technical staff are here to provide that experience to your mobile project whether it is for Android, Apple, or even windows 8: we have you covered.


Online Marketing Services

The digital world is very competitive. There are countless marketing companies that make unrealistic promises about the virtues of online marketing. Most of the work is done in the consultancy phase of a marketing plan. Understanding where your company can fill the holes with marketing opportunities is key to expanding growth in your market. Our professional staff are experts in taking your company to vertical markets, branding, market positioning, and even performing the grunt-level work of marketing itself. Our premier marketing staff can handle press releases, content management, strategy, materials creation, and even technical tasks like Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC) management, AdSense monetization plans, and more. Let us know what your marketing needs are and we will be upfront and honest with what we are capable of assisting with. Our unique approach to marketing will help you get the highest return on investment per dollar. Just like our development staff, our marketing staff are top-notch minds that will be passionate about every project you work with us on. We love this stuff!

Infrastructure Services

With all successful mobile and web applications comes the headache of maintaining the infrastructure it runs on. We have hands on experience running systems that require urgent attention and high levels of uptime as we have many mobile apps and websites of our own. We partner with many state-of-the-art facilities in Los Angeles, CA that provide is a high level of security and reliability for us to conduct the daily business of our network. Our technicians are able to work on a case by case basis to understand the application you need us to host and give expert recommendations on what solutions you need. We can provide the high quality consultancy you need so you can focus on running your business. We offer dedicated resource options through our partner channels as well as scalable, pay-as-you-go cloud hosting platforms with very high reliability and uptime guarantees. Let us help eliminate the infrastructure headache behind your application.

Excel Customization – Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Spreadsheet automation can become an extremely important part of any size business. Often times there is a common ground between using manual methodologies in Excel and building your own completely custom application suite: this middle ground can be achieved using VBA. If you are doing lots of repetitive tasks for accounting, data visualization, data organization, or even to track tasks within your company: this solution may be for you. Our team of Excel automation professionals can help you automate those repetitive tasks into the click of a button within the worksheet using advanced macros that do all the work for you. Contact one of our Engineers today to get some information on whether this solution would be best for you.

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